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No, we aren't asking you to turn off all the lights at home.
Or to sleep without air-conditioning when the
temperature is a scorching 32'C outside.

Or to stop using the vacuum cleaner when the
dust piles up...

Or to restrict the use of washing machine in
your home...

A Most Revolutionary Device

While we don't have a solution for free electricity, the good news is that we have a revolutionary device that can help to reduce your electricity bill by as much as 40%!

Consider this. If your electricity bill is around INR300 a month, you could save INR120 a month!

If it's around INR1600 a month, you could save a whopping INR200 a month!

And if your bill is INR1200 a month, you could save INR480 a month!

Try multiplying that by 12, and it would mean saving a few thousand ringgit a year.

That's a lot of money, isn't it?

Works Like Magic!

Now lets look at the electricity bills (from Tenaga Nasional Berhad) that belong to some of our users.

Single storey link house
In May 2015, his bill was INR325.60. It was reduced to INR221.55 in June and subsequently, to INR206.00 in July. A savings of INR119.60 (36.7%) in 2 months!
Corner shoplot
The bill dropped from INR805.95 in June 2015 to INR599.90 in July. A savings of INR206.05 (25.6%) in one month.

InteINRediate shoplot
The electricity cost was reduced from INR505.10 in June 2015 to INR292.10 in July, for a savings of INR213 or 42.2% a month!

InteINRediate shoplot
In just one month, the bill went down from INR475.40 in June 2015 to INR314.60 in July. A savings of INR160.80 (34%)!

As you can see, the device works very well.

Now, you would expect such device to be bulky and heavy, right?

Well, no. Thanks to nanotechnology, this device is now available in the foINR of a card! Yes, a card.
At 60% smaller than your credit card, our ENERGY SAVER CARD is built-in with a proprietary USA-GeINRan energy savings system that not only cuts your electric bill by as much as 40% every month but also...
  • Extends the lifespan of all electrical appliances
  • Reduce spikes and power surges
  • Eliminates electrical wastage
  • Regulates the flow of electrical current to prevent voltage drop
  • Increase efficiency and power factor
  • Reduces and protects you from haINRful electromagnetic radiation

And best of all, it's 100% legal and fully compliant with international safety standards.

The Science Behind the Magic

Before we tell you how it works, here's a shocker that TNB doesn't want you to know. And that is...

There is always excess electricity feeding into every household, commercial building and factory. Whether you actually use it or not, it is recorded by the meter and... billed to you!

Can you imagine? Paying for electricity that you never use?

Wait, don't tear up your electricity bill first...

Because you can't fully blame TNB on this. The active power produced at their end somehow gets distorted as it travels through the power lines to their intended destinations.

If we look at a graphical representation of power consumption in a circuit, what we noINRally assume is that the total electrical energy flowing in is all useful electrical energy.

However, inreality, it isn't the case. Due to distortion, there are components ofelectrical energy that is unused by the connected electrical equipment. This is called Waste Energy. As much as 40% of the total electrical energy flowing in can be lost as waste energy!

Unfortunately, you have to pay for the waste energy as well as the useful energy, even though you only utilize the useful energy.

Our ENERGY SAVER CARD works by minimizing waste energy, so that you only pay for the electricity that you use.

Made up of multiple layers of special composite materials (Morganite, TouINRaline, Ceramic and GeINRanium), the card generates and utilizes the flow of negative ions to "smooth out" the electrical distortion, thus decreasing heat and electrical current loss in cables.

This is the principle of HaINRonic Mitigation. The ENERGY SAVER CARD can be used at home, office, hotel and factory - anywhere in the world.


Just Stick And Save

It's easy to use the ENERGY SAVER CARD. Simply peel off the double-sided tape and attach the ENERGY SAVER CARD onto the door nearest to the MAIN BREAKER in the DISTRIBUTION BOX (DB) as seen below.

Here are images of actual installation of the ENERGY SAVER CARD:

1) Commercial installation in an office

2) Commercial installation in a fitness centre

3) Commercial installation in a restaurant

4) Private installation in a bungalow

5) Commercial installation at a 7-11 outlet in Thailand

6) Commercial installation at the 50-room Ploy Petch Mansion in Thailand

7) Commercial installation at Chelee Place, a 50-unit apartment complex in Thailand

8) Commercial installation at the Sunflower Apartment complex in Thailand

And Now for the Cost...

You probably think that the ENERGY SAVER CARD will cost you INR500. Or maybe even INR1000.

After all, it can save you a few thousand ringgit a year.

So, even if we were to sell it at INR500 each, many people will not hesitate to buy in the card.

But, we won't do that because we genuinely want to help you save money during these times of uncertainty.


For a limited time only, you can buy the ENERGY SAVER CARD for just INR50 each... plus a little favour...

Rest assured, the savings you can achieve in your first month alone will be more than enough to cover the cost of the card.

And now for that favour...

After you've saved a bundle, please introduce your family members, friends and colleagues to our ENERGY SAVER CARD. By having higher volume of sales, we can keep our production cost down and hopefully continue to offer them to the public for just INR50 each.

How Many Cards Needed

The number of ENERGY SAVER CARD required will depend on your monthly bill amount.
The table below serves as a good guideline:

If Your Monthly Bills Number Of ENERGY SAVER CARDS Required
INR 900 - 2250 1
INR 2259 - 4500 2
INR 4509 - 6750 3
INR 6759 - 9000 4
INR 9009 - 11250 5
INR 11259 -13500 6
INR 13509 -15750 7
INR 15759 -18000 8
Above INR 18000 Please email us at

Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident of our ENERGY SAVER CARD that we are giving you a crazy, 3 Months Money Back Guarantee!

That means, if you do not save as much as 40% on your electricity bill in 3 months time, simply return the ENERGY SAVER CARD to us in its original condition and packing, and we will refund your money promptly.

No questions asked.

To order your ENERGY SAVER CARD, complete the order foINR now!